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News Stories

News stories from around Trondheim  – things are not as safe as we are led to believe. These stories often lack detailed information, and quickly disappear from the headlines – presumably so people can “forget” about it. The Birralee school defends it’s “open public building” status on the claim that Trondheim is so safe that there’s nothing to worry about. This is simply not reality. The world is changing, Norway is changing, and these news stories are testament to that.

Most articles are in Norwegian – use google translate if needed!

November 2018 – 18 year old male, gone missing in Trondheim

November 2018 – Two attempted kidnappings in Trondheim

Note: Birralee families were notified of this news a full 3 days AFTER all Trondheim schools were notified – with NO apology or explanation for the delay.

September 2018 – Double murder in Trondheim

October 2018 – Threat of school shooting in Trondheim.

August 2018 – Bullying still a big problem in Norway

April 2017 – Threat of school shooting in Trondheim

2013 – Namdal district – case of gang rape of 12 year old girl

2011 – 14 year old girl raped by two boys in Trondheim, victim commits suicide

2011 – Woman raped in Trondheim

2006 – Police killing of an innocent Nigerian man in Trondheim in 2006