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The Birralee Christmas Fair was a great success! Thanks to all that volunteered and attended!

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All about the annual Birralee Christmas Fair!

The Birralee International School Trondheim Christmas Fair has been an annual tradition at Birralee for years. It is a fun social event that brings the school community together for an afternoon of celebrating the December spirit!

The Christmas fair is held in the gym at the school. There is a cafe that sells hot and cold drinks, chicken sausages, popcorn, waffles, as well as a variety of home baked sweets and savory goodies. There are also games for the kids, like a wheel of fortune, and a fishpond where small prizes can be won. Sometimes there is also a lottery, raffle, auction and a craft table.

How to help!

The parents of all classes are asked to contribute something to the fair. Some classes are asked to bring food, other classes are asked to help supervise the games or help with setting up and cleaning the gym after the fair. Information on these tasks will be sent out in the week leading up to the Christmas fair.[update! please see “Class jobs list and Volunteer Sign Up link” below!]

Usually, we ask parents to donate small goods for the Christmas fair. We try to stay away from plastic trinkets, so think along the lines of pencils, erasers, small notebooks, or handmade Christmas decorations. There is a box to collect items outside the staff room for the contributions.

We could also use larger contributions for the raffle and auction, such as new toys, clothes, and books, or “experience items” such as dinner at a local restaurant, membership to an exercise club, tickets to a sports event, and “services” such as handyman service, sewing, cleaning, cooking a meal from your home country, etc. 

Cost to attend

At the Christmas fair, one pays for both the food and the games using a card system. You can buy cards of 50 and 100 kroner and as you make different purchases the card will be checked off in the appropriate amounts. You can buy these cards at the entrance to the fair as well as inside, payable by cash or by Vipps. The cards are non-refundable, but can be used at future Birralee events. Entrance to the Christmas fair is free!

Funds for good causes!

The Christmas Fair is one of the two main fundraising events we have at Birralee – the other event being the May 17th celebration. The money the PC raises always benefits the students at Birralee. In previous years PC funds have been spent on:

  • more iPads, art equipment, jumping castle, popcorn machine that we use May 17th, food/drinks/pizza at different parties for students (party after Christmas play/New year/Valentines party), teacher appreciation lunch, etc.
  • Anything the students or teachers might send a request for to use at school.
  • We give a contribution to year 10 trip at end of the year.