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Birralee dishonesty

As it turns out, Birralee’s policy of dishonesty applies to any and all of their dealings – apparently even in dealings with their own legal representation. I have received a second letter from their lawyer, and at this point it’s very obvious that the Birralee International School Trondheim and their Parents’ Committee have completely misinformed him with regards to ownership of I’m also quite sure that they are intentionally misinforming parents at the school as well. Hopefully my response and documentation (see below – click on images to read the full pdf) will provide clarity on this whole situation, and I won’t have to keep re-visiting this same false argument over and over.


  1. aw

    Please stay out of Birralee inquires, you are a stain quite truthfully, and as a student you are annoying me and ruining my happiness at Birralee. Nobody likes what you are doing, I know you think you are “Jake Paul 2” and that you are a savage, but you really aren’t. I don’t know what sick joke this website is, but please take this down immidietly. This is not funny, half the things posted on here are irrelevant to the pictures posted.

    If you truly cared about the well being of students in Birralee, you would shut down this website immediately. If you don’t shut this website down it proves you hate birralee students.

    Have a great day!

    • admin

      Thanks for commenting! Be sure to keep sending your friends to my site – the additional traffic is so appreciated! I have no idea who Jake Paul is, and it’s hilarious that some website can “ruin your happiness” – wowee! Thanks again and keep on visiting!

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment, and the lovely manners (it’s always nice to say “please”!) but no deletion will be taking place. Visit again soon!

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