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School organizational diagram – NEW and improved!

Understanding the set-up and organizational structure of a publicly funded private school in Norway can be confusing – especially when information given by a school is so vague! We’ve improved the “sort of updated” school organizational diagram (as found on the unmarked page 12 of Birralee International School’s current Parent Handbook) – see below for both versions!

Some interesting points of note:

1) Both the school and the kindergarten are detailed as being “English language” (contrary to the kindergarten claiming to be bilingual – much to the chagrin of many parents with children there).

2) Elin Hitchman is daily leader and administrative director of the non-profit that runs BOTH the school and the kindergarten – she is known to claim “no responsibility” for anything that goes on at the kindergarten, but it seems she actually DOES have responsibility for both entities.

Click on diagram below for a larger version. References below.

(click image to view larger)


Sources for information shown in NEW diagram by

The two “Vedtekter” links from the vague diagram supplied by Birralee International School:
(both links are in Norwegian only – and are images and thus can’t easily be translated)

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