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Birralee finally speaks! (through a lawyer)

Birralee finally speaks! (through a lawyer)

In true Birralee form, I have received ZERO communication from the administration. They have made NO request for administrative access to this website, and have not made a complaint of any sort. So of course their first and only attempt to correspond with me is through a lawyer, and by threatening legal action. Unfortunately for them, the lawyers’ distortions of the truth are so blatantly obvious as to be laughable. Click on images below to read my response, which includes their original letter with notations. 

In summary, the lawyer claims that the Parents’ Committee somehow owns this website (they don’t), that I accused an employee of a crime (I didn’t) which was “investigated” (this is questionable) and concluded to be “unfounded” (irrelevant since there was no accusation of a crime to begin with), and are accusing me of libel based on their imagined “crime accusation that was deemed unfounded” (nice try, but no cigar). And the reason for all of this? To make sure parents at Birralee think twice before presenting any concerns they may have at the school (because it won’t go well for you – especially if you’re a foreigner).

But – as a show of good faith – I have updated our logo and website name to reduce any risk of “confusion” about who moderates this website. Along with our many disclosures (footer, about page, landing page, privacy policy page) this modification makes me 100% confident that it’s simply impossible to mistake this website as being the official website of the Parents’ Committee at Birralee International School Trondheim, whose webpage address clearly indicates their official association with the school:

image credit: csp3703521 – ©cthoman – Can Stock Photo Inc.

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