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Norway – 30 years behind North America when it comes to racism awareness and intercultural relations, and these deficiencies are on broad display in the Birralee Parents’ Committee.

Bathroom disaster!
Why it was so horrible,
the process to get things improved,
and the ending result (it’s definitely better!)

Fire hazard and safety hazard situations at Birralee.
A complete lack of standards and care.

Just one sampling of hazards at the school.

Isn’t it ironic?
The irony of an international school that shows utter disdain for and lack of inclusion of international families.

Historical: a failed fight to get the Trondheim Kommune offices to cancel a refugee program being hosted in their 3rd floor offices inside the school building. 

Historical: why exactly are there public offices inside Birralee? And why isn’t this disclosed to prospective families, nor new families?

Update: they have updated their parent handbook (see “wow – look at them scramble!”) so on page 18 of the 76 page document it now says this:

“Additionally, Trondheim Kommune uses some office space on part of the third floor.” 

Stay tuned for a post detailing more specifics of the public office setup, and how this affects the safety and security of the children in the building. 

Exterior doors unlocked all day,
a front office that has no view to exterior doors,
no surveillance cameras,
and public offices that hold events right inside the school.
Do the children not have the right to a safe environment in 2018?

Confidentiality breach, false claims, bullying, PC vote manipulation – this is what happens when you share your concerns about racism at Birralee, and request intercultural training for the Parents’ Committee and senior administration.

PC rep threatens to call the police over an email regarding meeting agenda ideas that was sent out by the PC secretary – Birralee’s special brand of discrimination against foreigners.

How a school in Norway can be permitted to hire staff without proper qualifications – loopholes for Independent Schools.

Young children left attended and alone for hours after school at Birralee – it’s against the Parent Handbook rules, but does anyone care?

Do all international schools in Norway have the same set-up and issues? A quick comparison of two schools: Birralee International School and Gjøvikregionen International School (spoiler alert: Gjøvikregionen International School gets everything RIGHT that Birralee does WRONG)

Why you must choose an international school in Norway if you’re a foreigner – stories of bullying in Norwegian public schools.

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