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Amusing panic reaction

I just thought I’d share some amusing panic reactions from presumably one specific parent at the school (I assume this person is a specific rep with the official Birralee Parents’ Committee, and likely is worried that I will share the stories of the racist jokes and comments they have made not only to a child from the school, but to parents (including myself), and to the official Parents’ Committee – who actually kept his offensive words “protected”, as did the administration of the school and the County Governor). Of course I cannot name this person here – if you are a Birralee parent and want to know the identity of this person, you will have to ask your class representative. And if you would like more proof/evidence on these claims, please contact your class representative, or contact me for more information, or stay tuned for this information to be included in future posts.

So this is the “warning” I received via the Share your story! form on this website, warning me about… this website. Ha! 

Oh no! This website didn’t know the status of it’s own website! Even though it’s stated on the website itself! Yikes!

And now let’s take a peek at that awesome webpage they referred to…. here’s a screengrab I took on November 22, as I was working on a post about how there’s a lack of information available to parents, and also a lot of misinformation presented:

From: on November 22 2018

Awwww – I just noticed on the current page that the school copied and pasted the information from this website that I had posted about the Christmas Fair! So nice of them to NOT give credit! 

Ok so moving along… out of curiosity I looked at the Christmas Fair volunteer signup sheet and noticed that this person likely inserted the “IMPORTANT NOTE” there (by the way, I designed their Xmas poster – I like being helpful with whatever talents I can offer – although I don’t think they’ll give me credit for the poster either), which of course, only furthers to spread word about my website… so, thanks friend!

See the “IMPORTANT NOTE” at the top left of the screengrab. Free publicity!

Well, that’s it for now – I’m working on much more important posts that will go live as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!


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